Assessment: Students will use the attached rubric to find the grading points on their final interactive photo and paragraph.

Assessment RubricStudents Name: Teacher and Grade:Assignment: Interactive Fashion Art Date Completed:

Circle the number that best shows how well you feel that you completed the criteria for the assignment Excellent Good Average Needs Improvement Rate Yourself RatingCriteria 1- Planning: Find a reference photo that fits the criteria. 5 4 3 2 or less Criteria 2- Understanding and Use: Apply model, clothes and pose to drawing. 10 9 or 8 7 6 or less

Criteria 3- Over all design: choose creatively placed cut-out and placement of drawing on paper. 10 9 or 8 7 6 or less

Criteria 4- Effort: took time to develop idea, and prints. Didn’t rush, used class time well. Carefully used x-acto knife. 10 9 or 8 7 6 or less

Criteria 5- Craftsmanship: make clean cut outs on drawing and take a clear photo for finished product. 10 9 or 8 7 6 or less

Criteria 6- Essay: Restate, Answer, Cite, Paraphrase, Plagiarize 5 4 3 2 or less

Total: 50 X 2= 100 Possible Points Your Total= Teacher Total=

Photo Criteria: Paragraph Criteria:• Full length photo *Write an informational essay on Shamekh Bluwi and his artwork.• Easily defined outfit *Please also explain how his artwork taught you that things are not • Appropriate pose always as they seem.• No larger than 9x12• No smaller than 5x7• Only one person• No animals or other objects impeding the outfit