Assignment Process: Steps to creating your own Fashion Photo:

1. Get a Chrome book and log on
2. As a class we will research Fashion Models and their poses
3. We will discuss how to pick what to cut out and ideas about where you can take photos
4. Choose a reference photo based on the photo criteria
5. You will need to get a pencil and paper
6. Then you will draw out the basics of your model and their outfit
7. Then decide where your cut outs will be. (ex. shirt, dress, pants, shorts, purse, suitcase)
8. Get approval for your final drawing
9. Move to the X-acto table for a demo, instructions and tips
10. Make your cut out/s
  • Be sure to take your time, have a mat under your drawing when cutting and pay attention to what you are cutting.
11. Once you have completed find a creative place to sign your drawing and turn it in.
12. Write a paragraph about how things are not always how they seem.
13. We will take photos on another day, please be thinking about what you would like as a back ground. We will be using the Chrome book to take our photos but you can also research famous locations and use those as a background.

3.jpg 2.jpg 5.jpg
1.jpg 6.jpg

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