Students will create an original work of art that has a digital aspect as well as a physical drawing. The artwork will be based off of Manik and Ratan Drogo Artworks. Artworks will consist of a monster drawing that will interact with one real life object or person and be photographed to look realistic. I will apply the following standards to assist with this project: 1PE, 3PE, 5PE, 6PE, 1PR, 2PR, 1RE and 2RE.
The main Learning Objective is: Students will research and investigate the life and work of the artists and apply that knowledge to create an original artwork based off of their work. Main Outcome for this project is: Students will complete an original artwork based on the researched artists’ artwork. The Objective is what I hope the students will learn and the Outcome is most likely what the students will really learn.
To assist in this learning I have created a wiki space lesson where students can access the assignment, rubric, resources, background on the artists, and visual examples of the project. I am also hoping to add a podcast and YouTube videos to help students throughout the lesson. Each student will also be allowed to discuss the lesson, their ideas, and their artistic process with their peers. I am hoping this collaboration and discussion will assist them in making their final project with confidence. This aid will also allow me to demonstrate the lesson and then give one-on-one assistance where it is needed.
1PE Understand that the context of an art object has an effect on how that object is perceived.
3PE Investigate the role of cultural objects in our everyday environment.
5PE Focus attention on selected artworks to identify and pose questions about aesthetic qualities (e.g., sensory, organizational, emotional) in the works.
6PE Select and access contemporary digital tools media arts to investigate ideas and inform artmaking.
1PR Integrate observational and technical skills to strengthen artmaking.
2PR Use digital tools to explore ideas, create and refine works of art during the artmaking process.
1RE Apply reasoning skills to analyze and interpret the meaning in artworks.
2RE Describe how personal experiences can influence artistic preferences.

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